Garden Features Ideas

Need Some Garden Features Ideas?

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Add some pizzazz with garden features ideas!

Sure, you’ve worked hard planning their summer gardens  You’ve got flowers and greenery that amaze all who see your creation, but now you need a little something extra.  The crowing touch to your gardening creation would be to add some garden features ideas.

Give your flower gardens the careful planning and attention to detail that will make them a work of art!

First and foremost you need to plan more than the plants that will go in your summer garden.

What are some garden features ideas you can use?

Try putting gazing balls, statures, lawn furniture, birdhouses, water features, and other clever garden features ideas among your flowers in order to provide additional focal points throughout your summer garden area.

Some little extra decorative touches among your flowering plants will make your garden extra special.  However, be careful you don’t get too carried away!  You don’t want to make your summer garden seem gaudy or overcrowded. There is a fine balance between having too many gaps in scenery and overloading the senses. Take care that you do not cross that line.

Lights for the Night make excellent Garden Features Ideas

One nice touch is some lighting for the evening and night hours.  It lengthens the time your summer garden may be enjoyed. One great way to do this is by adding solar powered lighting along pathways and walkways within your summer garden and overhead lighting in common areas where there is seating and that are meant for congregating and socializing.

Make A Path

Create pathways within your gardens and mark them with pavers and stones.  You can buy kits to make your own, and buy pavers ready-made.  This gives your visitors a walking path through your garden area and keep feet from compacting the soil and inhibiting the growth in your garden. This is also a great method for keeping your garden attractive in appearance and from looking overgrown in areas that aren’t readily accessible for mowing.

Water for special garden features ideas!

Adding water always livens up the garden area.  You can install a water feature such as a goldfish pond or waterfall for a little drama in the gardens. The great thing about water garden features ideas is that they are not only beautiful but allow the opportunity for a social area and a little more lighting in your garden area.

If you enjoy birds, it also gives the water a little room in which to flit and flitter to the delight of young and older kids alike. For a really sizzling summer garden it needs to be a garden that people want to enjoy and where they wish to congregate. Little touches such as those mentioned above make a huge difference to visitors and increase the enjoyment of summer gardens exponentially.

Adding a few of your favorite garden features ideas will make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.  For even more ways to dress up your flowerbeds, check out more decorating ideas for gardens.

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